There is in fact a direct relationship between change and training. Change leads to the need for training and development and training and development lead to individual and organisational change.

At De-Charles Resources, the continuous professional development and training of our nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and teachers is one of our strategies for ensuring quality and value. Our training programme includes regular updates on new legislation; developments and care practices. 



Induction Training for Overseas Qualified Teachers (ITOT)

ITOT is a 5-day induction and training programme targeted at professionals who trained to teach outside of the UK but wish to teach in UK schools or work in UK hospitals. Please call for details.

The Elite UK Programme

 The Elite UK Programme is a 7-day emersion experience. Teachers who currently practice outside the UK can come to stay in London for one week and learn about cutting edge teaching and learning methods, inclusion and behaviour management, family engagement and the structure of the education system.  Please call for details.


Other Courses available are:

Being an A* Teacher

Doing more with less

Reducing marking, increasing progress

Teaching Science Well.

Nicole Godetz

Nicole Godetz


Nicole has worked in education and training for over 30 years. She was an  Executive Headteacher of a large school for 20 years. Nicole has strengths in logistics, problem solving and joined-up thinking. She has supported and developed many people to make significant progress in their careers, and groups and organisations to improve their performance.  The above offers are delivered by her.