We offer Induction Training for Overseas Qualified Teachers (ITOQT) to Teach in the United Kingdom.

 What is the ITOQT programme?

The ITOQT programme is a two-week induction and training module planned and run by De-Charles Resources. The target group for this programme are professionals who trained to teach in a country outside the UK but wish to teach in the UK. The ITOQT programme is not able to award a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) qualification, it is a familiarisation and training programme.

What are the aims and objectives of the ITOQT programme?

The ITOQT programme aims to create a friendly, supportive, and professional atmosphere to ensure that overseas trained teachers:


  • Gain insight into the expectations and professional practices of teaching in schools in the UK.
  • Can approach schools for employment feeling confident about their strengths and areas of development in terms of teaching in the UK.
  • Understand the process they will need to go through in order to achieve QTS.
  • Begin their career in the UK with professional confidence and resilience to help them become successful and fulfilled teachers, and
  • Have the beginnings of a professional support network in the UK as they begin their teaching experience.

We also train teaching assistants, examination invigilators and non-teaching staff such as office administrators. Through our Training and Assessment Centres, we have also acquired a pool of potential candidates, whose strengths and preferences are well known to us.