About us

Established in 2001 as a recruitment agency for teachers and care workers, the company became an approved training and assessment centre for Edexcel and the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE) soon after. Since then, the organisation has identified many areas of need, providing a complete service to clients, consisting of social care and learning support.

In collaboration with European partners, the organisation has successfully carried out research that looked into areas of special education needs. In 2009, a research was conducted with 6 other organisations in Europe which looked into the role of ICT in teaching mathematics to children with hearing impairment. The results have been disseminated through publications, CDs and workshops. In recognition of our quality of service, the Home Office in 2001, funded the company to organise various short courses to prepare new settlers and refugees for the United Kingdom labour market. The beneficiaries of this project included overseas qualified teachers, nurses and other professionals with various levels of skills.

The company now specialises in providing high quality support, care, vocational education and training to various special education needs teachers, nurses and care workers. Built on the ethos of bringing independence and choice to our clients and through continued support and development of relationships, has just received funding from the European Union under the Grundtvig programme to establish a Life Long Learning network in Europe which will focus on sharing of experience and best practice in the education of young adults with learning disabilities. Our participating partners are Savo Consortium for Education in Finland, Adult Education Centre Korsholm also in Finland, Ender Engelsiz Yasam Dernegi Ankara in Turkey, Palco de Sombras Lda Lisbon in Portugal and Cene Stupar Centre for Continuing Education, Ljubljana Slovenia.