Call for Africa to embrace Entrepreneurship.

In a Turkish – African Universities collaboration forum held in IIgaz Mountain, Kastamonu, Turkey, Dr Charles I. Kejeh, an expert in entrepreneurship and founder of several companies, called on African countries to embrace entrepreneurship as a solution for youth unemployment.
He proposed that an International Institute for Entrepreneurship(IIE) be established in Africa, designed to put Africa’s skills sets into a more practical and productive use. This will include practical and tailored programmes to expediate Africa development in science, technology and agriculture. For more details

Workshop on Entrepreneurship

De-Charles Resources Ltd has just completed a training programme on entrepreneurship with participants from Poland and Turkey.

The objective of the training is to raise participants’ awareness of what entrepreneurship is and the stages of becoming an entrepreneur. The second objective is to establish an entrepreneurship network between participating countries, United Kingdom, Poland and Turkey coordinated by De-Charles Resources Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Here are what some of the participants said;


… being here has created an awareness to me about how to be an entrepreneur. I have an idea which I hope to develop.

Ahmet Yazicioglu

IT Post Graduate Student, Workshop Participant from Turkey

this is a good course that has given us a lot……..”thank you De-Charles Resources Ltd for given us the opportunity.”

Obstoj Alicja

Marketing Student, Workshop Participant from Poland

This course has taught me a lot of things one of which is how to work in a team with colleagues from another country …

Abdurrahman Kaplan

IT Post Graduate Student, Workshop Participant from Turkey